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Amir John Haddad

Amir John Haddad is a talented German musician and multi instrumentalist living in Spain since 1997. He plays many instruments like flamenco guitar, Arabic oud, Greek bouzouki, Turkish Saz, banjo, triple neck electric guitar (6, 7 and 12 string) and bass being a virtuous and very skillful interpreter an each of these instruments.


World music quartets based in Madrid, Spain, Zoobazar goes beyond musical frontiers based on traditional music bringing various Mediterranean elements together such as Iberian folk, Balcanic, Greek, Turkish, Oriental, North African music, as well as Flamenco, Rock, Funk, Jazz and Indian music.

“El Amir” Flamenco Sextet

“El Amir” Flamenco Sextet offers us a powerful and pure flamenco concert based on its traditional elements such as vocals, dance and guitar adding different sounding instruments like violin, mandolin, bass, percussion, Arabic oud or bouzouki to create a fresh musical fusion.

Bufa & Sons

Three very experienced musicians with a great record in their careers get together to give us a “Didactic-Workshop-Concert”. A broom, a crutch, a stepladder, watering-can, a chair, a brick or even a single macaroon or olive it seems be the perfect medium to let all the melodies out.

El Amir & José Salinas

Majestic flamenco voice. When we hear Jose Salinas he reminds us of the purity and maturity of the ancient and great flamenco singers.

Pepe Justicia & “El Amir”

“2 Guitars” is the new show of two exceptional flamenco guitarists, Pepe Justicia and El Amir. They expose their great wisdom, creativity and mastery on the guitar by performing own original compositions in solo or duo format.

“El Amir” Flamenco Recital

Strolling through the different characteristic palos of flamenco like Rondeña, Taranta, Mining, Solea and Bulerias “El Amir” delights us with its sensitivity, maturity and creativity.